The Alaskan Wall

The Alaskan Wall

I lost a friend yesterday (January 18, 2018) and Alaska lost a friend with the passing of Rudy Demoski
(shown above on left with Charley Bejna in Willow, Alaska in March of 2016)! Peaceful trails Rudy - till we meet again!

Happy Birthday Greetings to Gary who became ten years old on  January 16, 2018!

On January 15, 2018 these six LDS missionaries mushed "the dogs of the Iditarod"
on a large circular loop which included the historic Iditarod Trail! 
Here is Asolima Vaioa standing next to his name which was entered upon the Alaskan Wall on January 15, 2018!
On January 15, 2018 the Alaskan Wall was honored with the addition of Shilyce Jackson's name!

The name of Trevin Jackson was inducted onto the Alaskan Wall on January 13, 2018!
We are pleased to add the name of Kylie Jackson to the Alaskan Wall! (January 12, 2018)

A popular landmark here on the Iditarod  is "the Nome Sign" which is situated
about 20 miles from here. Iditarod musher Charley Bejna took this photo of his
team on a recent training run with leaders Leo and Hawk up front. (Jan. 11, 2018)   
Maddisyn Jackson's name was added to the Alaskan Wall on January 11, 2018!

On January 10, 2018 the name of Greyson Swope was added to the Alaskan Wall!
Missionaries from The LDS Church visited the Alaskan Gardens on New Year's Day and pose here at the 2018 "Welcome to Alaska" sign! The portrait of Kramer was a Christmas gag gift from a neighbor and was temporarily placed on the sign! (January 1 2018)
May the new year bring you lots of joy, happiness and good health, and to all those you love!

Angel, Gary and friends saying good-bye to 2017!

Welcome to the Alaskan Wall!

The Alaskan Wall has been in existence since September of 2001. The wall is
an innovative way for individuals around the world to recognize themselves,
their family members, friends and pets.

The wall is situated in Knik, Alaska and is next to the National Historic
Iditarod Trail. (The Iditarod Trail runs from Seward in the South to Nome in
the Northwest, and is a winter trail that connects various Native Alaskan
To date, more than 300 names are included on the wall. The wall serves as a
memorial to the past and present. Each name is engraved on an eight-foot long weatherproofed
plaque with two-inch lettering. Each name is intended to remain beside the
trail in Alaska indefinitely.

Each year many people throughout the world visit the wall and
surrounding gardens, and everyone is welcome here.

The wall serves both as a memorial to the living and to those who have

It also serves as a protective barrier to the many nesting waterfowl
that nest here each spring.

To those who's names are inscribed upon this wall we honor and pay tribute
to, both on the wall and on this web site. We are committed to preserving
all these and future names.


The Alaskan Wall
P.O. Box 873711
Wasilla, Alaska 99687-3711