The Alaskan Gardens

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The Alaskan Wall
The most recent name to be carved for the wall is that of Elder Mycah Leifi, and early this summer his name will be added to the actual wall of names. (January 17, 2019)
Here are some of the most recent entries inscribed upon the Alaskan Wall:

The Alaskan Wall is a sturdy built fence which had its beginnings in September of 2001, and it keeps growing each year; providing shelter and comfort to a resident Trumpeter swan family, as well as for many migrating bird species. The Alaskan Wall also renders protection for the many trees and shrubs within the enclosure. Perhaps best of all, this unique Alaskan fence invites people from all around the world to leave have their name in Alaska, next to the Iditarod Trail. "They say there's a tree in the forest..."


Alaskan Gardens
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